Import & Export Cars

Export documents

Garage van Uden Export controls locally the paperwork for you. Through years of experience can Garage van Uden Export guide you perfectly when running, ready to make registration, insurance and providing the necessary customs documents to virtually every country in the world.

Registration Certificate Part II and plates

When an export / export logged vehicle will make use of public roads, or be driven to the destination country, an export registration is required. When registering for export to the Dutch number plates are destroyed. The export registration is then valid for 14 days. So you have 14 days to transport the vehicle while moving to the country of destination. An export registration plates can only be issued if the vehicle still has a valid MOT. An export registration number and name are so arranged at Garage van Uden Export.

Green card

Please note that WA export vehicles must be insured. You can insure your vehicle exports temporarily with the Green Card. This is an international insurance and liability coverage is valid for 14 days. Close the green card off at Garage van Uden Export.

German license plate

For vehicles which for a long time require an export license plate cared Garage van Uden Export called Zollkenzeichen. This is valid for 30 days and comes with temporary license plates, insurance and vehicle registration.



Garage van Uden

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